Un video increíble con música de I Found The F.  Las chicas Billabong más guapas  surfeando en Maldivas y presentándonos la nueva línea de Surf Capsule que tendremos pronto en nuestro escaparate.

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Atoll Odyssey, Maldives

It’s a strange feeling to be adrift in the middle of nowhere. The sky above us, our boards below us, alone in the empty calm of the Indian Ocean, we imagined ourselves explorers seeking new horizons. Like modern-day Magellans, only with bikinis and surfboardsThis is how people must have felt before there were maps: boundless and free.

But the Maldives are on a map, of course. We pointed to them there, our fingers grazing a string of ring-shaped atolls composed of more than a thousand coral islands. We sketched plans for a surf trip there on the back of a dirty napkin, dreaming of white sand, bustling fish markets and water-color lagoons.

Then, plans turned plane tickets, and we found ourselves adrift upon a rusty boat with Laura Enever, Alessa Quizon, and Isabella Nichols, our favorite bikinis from the Surf Capsule Collection, a quiver of boards, a few soggy egg sandwiches, and seven days at sea.

The clouds were heavy with humidity above us, the rain beading on our skin, the ocean below: If we’d been searching for water, now we couldn’t escape it if we’d tried. So we gave ourselves to this otherworldly place, ducking under the roaring waves of Lohi’s and sliding through tubes at Jails, cross-stepping at Ninjas and gliding across the right-handed break at Cokes. Mornings were filled with curry and unmade beds, afternoons with surfing and belly laughs, nights watching the sharks feed under a tapestry of stars.

We didn’t discover this place, but it’s our greatest discovery. It’s a strange feeling to be adrift in the middle of nowhere, but this is one odyssey that feels like coming home.

Music Credit:

“I Found the F” and “I Found the End”

Performed by Broadcast, Courtesy of Warp Records

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Tenemos más videos de las chicas Billabong, esta vez en Hawaii y en tres partes, 

Deserted in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, detached from the mainland, Hawaii is a warm arrival that feels much more like a homecoming. A piece of paradise our souls have longed to encounter - the warmth of the Hawaiian sun on our skin, the sea salt kissing our eyelashes, the perpetutal sand tucked in between our toes. It's more than the waves and the sun, it's the exploration in nature, a discovery of our soul's deepest desires.As our boards sink into the blue water and the waves crash against our skin, we feel drenched in freedom. Weightless. Water so constant, we couldn't escape if we tried. The tropical, wet humidity covering us like a blanket and the soft, blue sky grazing the horizon for as long as we could see, reminding us of how deeply connected we are.

Atoll Odyssey - Laura EneverCourtney ConlogueFelicity Palmateer & Alessa Quizon Discovering Hawaii

Eleven surfer gals, six different countries, thousands of miles in travel, two legendary breaks and one tropical destination awaiting their arrival. With nothing but bikinis and wetsuits from our Surf Capsule Collection and their boards, the Billabong Women riders set out for a day submersed in water. With an appetite for swell and Hawaiian waves at their peak, they ventured to the world class breaks of Rocky Point and Chuns Reef. Ready for every duck dive and log ride you have in mind. Glimpses of sand patches and rolling waves peak through the tall palm trees teasing the surfers as they arrive at the long-awaited famous surf breaks. A palette of sandy whites and hues of blue lure us in. The nose of our boards duck in; we are quickly warmed by the Hawaiian sun and waves kissing our skin. We open our eyes to see a world undiscovered – full of life and carefree.

Atoll Odyssey - Laura EneverCourtney ConlogueFelicity PalmateerAlessa QuizonJosie PrendergastLindsay PerryLauren HillTeresa Bonvalot, Luana Silva, Pacha Light & Tanika Hoffman Discovering Hawaii

Coming from thousands of miles apart, vastly different upbringings and very diverse countries around the world, yet a clear human connection still reigns. Billabong Womens is excited to say that almost every single athlete is here with us in Hawaii. An uprecedented event. An opportunity to hang together, surf together and most importantly, grow together. It may be the surfing that initially connected each girl, but as we've experienced, so beautifully, during our time here, it is so much more than that. Not only do each of these ladies enjoy their career wholeheartedly, but they encourage, love and inspire one another in such an inspiring way. Hawaii has been so much more than jumping off rocks at Waimea Bay or chasing warm swell around the island; it has been a time of togetherness and connection with each of our athletes, ambassadors and friends from around the world. These gals are constantly striving to be the best they can be - in and out of the water. Enjoy watching Atoll Odyssey - Discovering Hawaii: Part Three.

Atoll Odyssey - Laura EneverCourtney ConlogueFelicity PalmateerAlessa QuizonJosie PrendergastLindsay PerryLauren HillTeresa Bonvalot, Luana Silva, Pacha Light & Tanika Hoffman Discovering Hawaii Part 3