Video de Vissla. Surftrip a Nueva Zelanda.

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The adventure began as an idea in their minds. They’d been scoring some epic el Niño swells at home, but they came at the high price of social media spot blowouts, crowds, and angry girlfriends. Eric, Bryce, and Brendon needed to get out and away. They were excited to go somewhere more pure, somewhere raw and desolate. The boys spun a globe, looked at the charts and dialed in their location. They didn’t know what to pack as they heard the weather can switch at the drop of a hat, so they grabbed every-thing from tee shirts to warm jackets and beanies, a few wetsuits, a melodica and guitar to play music, skateboards and Bryce’s trusty asyms, keeping in mind the variety of conditions bound to greet them when visiting the bottom of the world

A darker and moodier take on our recent trip to New Zealand by Vissla filmer and editor, Brian Elliott.