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Bodyboard Hydro Electron 38'' azul

Bodyboard Hydro Electron 38'' azul

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Los Bodyboard de Hydro modelo Electron están construidos en PE y cuentan con stringer doble en tallas 42 o más y stringer único en medidas inferiores. Maniobrables, ligeros y resistentes.

  • Blue
Material Bodyboard
  • PE
Talla Bodyboard
  • 38''

Hydro Bodyboards Electron EPS Core
Riders looking for response and control especially in larger, hollower waves. The superior flex in a PE core allows for greater hold and maneuverability on the wave face.

SIZES:  38, 40, ( Single Stringer) 42, 44 ( Double Stringer)

CORE: 2.4 Extruded PE Core
PE Core is the original Bodyboard Core, offering flex & resilience. Best suited for colder waters of those wanting a bit more flex
STRINGER: Single Stringer in 38 & 40", 2 x Stringers in 42 & 44"
DECK:  IXLPE 4mm Deck
SLICK: HDPE with Graphic Print
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Graduated Channels, 50/50 Double Rails, Includes Leash & Plug, Graphic Slick, Fused Moulded Shap

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