Saco Cambiador Dakine CINCH MAT



El cambiador de Dakine. Calidad garantizada. El saco para cambiarte de ropa y guardarla sin peligro de que humedezca o ensucie el resto de cosas o el coche. Surf, Bodyboard, bike, ski, snow...


  • 35" Diámetro
  • Stash Pouch
  • 9.5" x 5.5" x 2.5" [ 24 x 14 x 6cm ]

Más detalles

29.99 €


Dakine Cinch Mat Bag

It's as easy as stop, drop and cinch. Just stand in the middle of our stashable changing mat, drop your wet gear and then cinch it all up to keep the dirty wet stuff isolated. The Cinch Mat works great for surfing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding - basically any scenario where you're changing out in a hurry. Let your imagination run wild.


  • Stashable changing mat
  • Cinches up to store wet gear
  • Stows away in built in stuff sack
  • Carabiner clip
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Care Instructions

Adventures are messy. If your Dakine bag gets dirty, we recommend hand washing with mild soap (like Nikwax Tech Wash), cold water and a soft bristle brush. If hand washing is not going to do the trick, use a front loader washing machine. To ensure your backpack doesn't get tangled, place inside a pillowcase or mesh bag before washing. Always use cold water, mild soap and run on a gentle cycle. Never bleach your pack. Hang to dry in a warm but shady place, ensuring both inside and out are dry before storing

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