Escarpín SOLITE 2.0 Custom 3mm 2021
Escarpín SOLITE 2.0 Custom 3mm 2021
Escarpín SOLITE 2.0 Custom 3mm 2021
Escarpín SOLITE 2.0 Custom 3mm 2021
Escarpín SOLITE 2.0 Custom 3mm 2021
Escarpín SOLITE 2.0 Custom 3mm 2021

Escarpín SOLITE 2.0 Custom 3mm 2021

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Escarpines Custom. 3 mm de grosor

Llega a GO Surfing la versión 2.0 del escarpin Solite. Revolucionario, se adapta al pie como ningun otro gracias al Thermo Foam. Solo tienes que calentarlo con agua caliente durante 5 minutos. Las instrucciones abajo.

Incluye calcetínes para los días más frios.

Recomendación: Para un perfecto ajuste, pide media talla menos de la habitual.

Grosor Neopreno
  • 3 mm
Talla Escarpin
  • 11

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Escarpines de 3mm de grosor que se adaptan a la forma de tu pie en 5 minutos. Ligeros, flexibles, mantienen la sensibilidad con la tabla, confortables y duraderos.
Caucho natural y moldeables ¡¡¡


Sigue las instrucciones del video y no se te ocurra utilizar hornos, ni microondas ni secadores, ni similar pues pierden su garantía.

Paso a paso

1. Hierve 3 vasos de agua

2. Busca un cubo o similary desenrrolla ligeramente los escarpines

3. Ponte los calcetines suministrados y te ayudarán a ponerlos y te dan un espacio extra paa que actue el moldeado.

4. Cuando el agua ha empezado a hervir, llena los escarpines de agua hasta la línea aprox. y espera 5 minutos para que el Thermo Foam se ablande.

5. Tras estos 5 minutos, saca el agua de uno de los escarpines, acláralos con agua fría y pon tu pie con el calcetín dentro durante otros 10 minutos. Anda y muévete para que los escarpines tomen la forma de tu pie.

6. Repite la operación para el otro pie.
Puedes volver a moldearlos cuando quieras.

Solite Boots are the world's first and only custom, heat-moldable watersports footwear. Custom fitting can be done in your kitchen with nothing more than a kettle of boiling water. To heat-mold your Solite boots, watch the video below and follow the instructions carefully. Do not use any other methods of heat molding except boiling water. Use of ovens, microwaves, heat guns, etc. will void your warranty.

For those who prefer a pop of color on your feet and strapless simplicity, our 3mm Custom LTD answers the call. Our obsession with booties means the lightest, best-performing boot on the market has stepped up several notches for Fall 2018, featuring improved board feel, grip, flexibility, comfort, and durability. How'd we make the world's best boot even better?

1. Our natural rubber sole pods are made with a softer, tackier, more flexible compound for improved traction both on a board and on slippery rocks.

2. Our heat-moldable Thermo Foam has also been updated with a softer, more comfortable formula which stays soft in colder temps.

Recommended Water Temps: 50-60F.

Sizing Tip: Order your regular shoe size or 1/2 size down. For example, if you are a size 10.5, order a 10. Women should order 1-1.5 sizes lower to convert from Men's sizing. So if you are a Women's 8, order a Men's 7. If you are a Women's 8.5, also order a Men's 7.

Key Features:

  • Heat-moldable with boiling water for the perfect custom fit.
  • NEW softer-compound thermo-foam sole for next-level comfort, warmth, dexterity, and durability.
  • Internal split-toe locks your foot inside the boot for precise response.
  • NEW super-tacky and flexible 1mm vulcanized rubber sole pods for barefoot board feel, grip, and abrasion resistance.
  • 3mm neoprene upper with quad-sealed seams (glue, blind-stitch, stretch tape inside, liquid weld outside).
  • Tatex heel spine and laminated heel-pull for durability and easy on.
  • High pile quick-dry lining retains heat and feels comfy.
  • Double-lined 3mm O-ring cuff seal provides a durable, seamless barrier against flushing with lower bulk.
  • Includes a pair of knit Solite Heat Booster socks for added warmth, comfort, and easy on/off.

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