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Quillas estabilizadoras FCS Glass Flex

Quillas estabilizadoras FCS Glass Flex

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Quillas de la tecnología Glass Flex, plástico del bueno. Ideales para acompañar un single, por ejemplo como estabilizadoras de un longboard con cajas FCS originales.

Talla única, medidas de aprox 10 cms de alto y 8 de ancho

Talla Quillas
  • XS
Quillas Setup
  • SINGLE +2

Ver Tallas

Well rounded fin designed to strike a balance between speed, drive and maneouverability.


  • Moulded composite fin with engineered flex and tip response.
  • Similar template to the Carver Quad - giving the fin more sweep than the GL fin.
  • Small traditional longboard side bite designed to add speed, stability and control to any 2 + 1 set up. 

Ideal Conditions

  • A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

Board Types

  • All board types.
  • Will fit the FCS II Fin System when used with grub screws and the FCS Infill Kit.

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