Quillas FCSII Jason Stevenson Tri Quad


Quillas de la gama Shaper Series, de JS Industries. Speed y Flow, pensadas para tablas con cierto rocker y cóncavos pronunciados. Pack de 5, por lo que puedes configurarlas como thruster o quad.

Más detalles

169.00 €



  • The FCS II JS fin was designed by world renowned shaper Jason Stevenson (JS Surfboards), and delivers a smooth ride with an emphasis on flow and drive.
  • “What I like about this fin is just the speed and flow that it has, then if you want to push it a little harder it has the release too. To put it simply, it’s just really reliable”. Jason Stevenson

Ideal Conditions

  • Open face, down-the-line waves, particularly good in point and reef breaks.

Board Types

  • Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
  • Performance boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

Fin Family

  • Carver: Find Power. Powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold


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