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Tabla de Surf Surf JS 6'0 XERO PE...

Tabla de Surf Surf JS 6'0 XERO PE Carbon Fusion Easy Rider

750,00 €
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Disponible para envio entre Mayo y Junio!!!!

6'0 X 20 1/4 X 2 3/4 35.7 Litros

La nueva All Round de JS. Diseño muy trabajado donde se combina el diseño de las Monsta Box y Blak Box una tabla pensada para surfear de diario en todo tipo de condiciones. Construción PE, Carbon Fusion. Modelo Easy Rider, con un extra de volumen.

Our new gold standard of all-rounders, the Xero came together by fusing elements of the most popular current models together, just like the Monsta Box. JS focussed on the strengths of our three clear global favourites over the past decade, and tested combinations along with fresh ideas endlessly alongside the Traktor Team to find the ultimate everyday shortboard. Built to blow minds in all conditions – especially weaker, flatter faced waves. On the Blak Box rocker, Monsta Box rail & concaves, with a Monsta outline. Incredibly fast, this rocker fits into a huge range of waves, and provides even more drive than the Monsta Box. It’s flat enough to fly in anything but has just enough curve to be pushed hard when combined with the Monsta’s clean, performance outline, which flows into a slight hip that provides intuitive, instant direction changes. And similar to the Monsta Box, single concave under front foot runs into a double through the fins to give you extra lift yet maintain control in more critical sections. We recommend riding the same dimensions as your Monsta Box 2020, or in EasyRider dims, closer to your Blak Box 3.

Largo Tabla
  • 6'0''
Volumen en litros aprox.
  • 36

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