Tabla Softboard JS Red Baron 5'10

Tabla Softboard JS Red Baron 5'10

475,00 €
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Modelo Softboard de la serie Red Baron de JS

5'10 x 21 3/4 2 x 11/16 38.7 Litros

To build the best soft boards possible, we’ve kept it simple. Proven JS small wave shapes that you can actually maneuver, built to maximize durability and safety. It starts with the same top-quality materials and construction processes we use in our world-renowned JS range, and is finished with a soft 3mm PE shell all over, plus a slick bottom. An EPS core is covered in 2x layers of 4-ounce glass on the deck and 1x layer of 4-ounce glass on the bottom. This maintains long lasting strength and the right weight to keep momentum when you’re surfing. A carbon T-Stringer (see diagram) provides extra stiffness and strength, with a more controlled flex that feels even better when flying down the line. The Red Baron soft board also comes with a built in tail kick for extra support

Largo Tabla
  • 5'10''
Volumen en litros aprox.
  • 39

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