Juego de quillas para longboard, SUP, o tablas híbridas anchas que necesiten un buen timón, que consta de una quilla central US BOX y dos laterales FCS original.

Harley Ingleby Signature Fins

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FCS H-1 Thruster Set
The FCS HI-1  was designed by Harley Ingleby, a true hybrid surfer. His surfing skills transcend longboarding to include a variety of different craft, from the modern shortboard to traditional fish designs. When he’s not competing on the longboard circuits or experimenting with new equipment, Harley travels the world documenting the essence of the surfing lifestyle. Harley Ingleby's signature FCS HI-1 Thruster Set comes with Large Bhane Box center fin that uses the new FCS II Connect system and is ideal for performance longboards, SUP's, and fish models.

FCS HI-1 Bhane Box Center Fin Size:
Base: 4.37 in. 110.98 mm
Depth: 4.55 in. 115.57 mm
Area: 14.76 in.² 374.90 mm²
Sweep: 33

Quillas laterales:
Base: 4.90" / 124mm
Altura: 5.22" / 132mm
Area: 18.32"² / 11822mm²
Sweep: 32.4º
Foil: Flat

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