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Parafina Wax Softboard Mrs Palmers
Parafina Wax Softboard Mrs Palmers
Parafina Wax Softboard Mrs Palmers
Parafina Wax Softboard Mrs Palmers

Parafina Wax Softboard Mrs Palmers

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Llega a España la parafa para softboards de Mrs Palmers. 70 Gramos de cera para tu corchopan.  Ideal para tablas blandas o bodyboards en cualquier temperatura de agua. Ultra pegajosa. Con el nuevo aditivo Traction 3000 que la hace adherente y duradera.


Mrs Palmer and her five daughters introduce traction 3000. A traction additive that not only increases stick factor but it won't wear out in the water. The result is a stickier wax for even the longest surf session. Give it a rub, the feeling just keeps getting better.

Product Features
  • 70g block softboard wax
  • Specially formulated for use with softboards, bodyboards or soft surfboards

This summer, MRS PALMERS introduces the 70G SOFTBOARD WAX

Suited for application to Softboards and Bodyboards in any Water Temp, the Palmers crew recognised a need to develop a Wax for the ever expanding Softboard market.

The formula is also suitable as a Cold Water wax alternative in sub 13 degrees C Water Temp.

Celebrating their 30th year, Mrs Palmers Surf Wax has been made in Queensland, in and around the Miami / Burleigh / Palm Beach region, since the brands inception in 1988.

Their “Ultra Sticky” formula was established in 1988, catering for all surfers from beginners to the elite pros.

This formula was created for those all day long surfs where you are after maximum traction the whole surf.

Available in – COLD, COOL, WARM & BALI BREW, COMP WAX Formula, and now SOFTBOARD WAX formulas.

Furthermore, since 2006, Mrs Palmers wax packaging has been handled in Burleigh Heads  by the Endeavour Foundation.

For more information, please contact Curt Emerton, National Sales & Customer Service Coordinator, Network Surf

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