Quillas Fcs M-5 Softflex


Quillas FCS blandas y flexibles diseñadas para niños o surfistas novatos ya que evitan accidentes.

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Injection moulding process ensures geometric accuracy and provides a reliable and consistent feel. These fins are ideal for novice surfers because the relaxed (subtle) flex of these fins can be engaged with minimal effort, and as the flex returns to a neutral position the fin produces a whip-like effect that propels the board forward, and helps to maintain speed and acceleration.



Base: 4.37" / 111mm 
Depth: 4.55" / 115mm 
Area: 14.76"² / 9525mm² 
Sweep: 33° 
Foil: IFT

Moulded composite fin with engineered flex and tip response. This well rounded template is designed to strike a balance between speed, drive and maneouverability.

This fin is safe, durable and ideal for softboards and novice riders learning to surf.

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