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Quillas Futures en carbono y panel de abeja en talla Medium (mediana).

Unas todoterreno para surf potente y progresivo, su mezcla de componentes las hace unas quillas resistentes y de sobra contrastadas.


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The name says it all. For progressive and high performance surfing. Futures fins WCT techflex is an upright fin template these fins is loose and pivioty.

Futures Fins techflex
Techflex combines various processing techniques to produce a strategically designed flex structure, created by a crescent shaped, carbon leading edge fin. The inlay of the two materials creates a torsional flex pattern for storing potential energy and releasing kinetic energy into whip-like turns. Light and strong, this highly designed fin has a patterned flex rebound to take your surfing to its full potential. Constantly pushing the envelope of what a fin should be and do.


Height: 4.50 in,     11.40 cm
Base:   4.37 in,     11.10 cm
Area:  14.89 sq in, 96.06 sq cm

Techflex have a carbon fiber construction making them lighter than Honeycomb fins with the strength and responsiveness of Fiberglass. The Techflex come in several different templates and are the most responsive fins Futures carry. The carbon fibre construction and flat foil is designed for powerful surf and powerful surfing. The carbon fibre at the base of the fin creates stiffness and drive. The carbon fibre at the tip creates responsiveness. Techflex- light, stiff, responsive.

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