Quillas Spinfins



Las quillas revolucionarias Spinfins en GO Surfing. Maniobrabilidad, agarre y diversión. Diferentes a todas las demás. Para los que quieren nuevas sensaciones

Compatibles con cajas FCS, dimensiones de 120x73x 6.35 mm las laterales y 120x60.3x7.9 mm la central. Juego de 3.

Peso de 38 y 48 gramos respectivamente.

Plástico PA66 reforzado con fibra de vídrio.

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49.00 €


  • FCS Compatble
  • Dimensions (LxHxW) Side fins (120x73x 6.35 mm) and center fin (120x60.3x7.9 mm)
  • Weight: Side fin (38 g each), center fin (48 g)
  • Material: PA66 30%GF. Plastic Reinforced with Fiberglass (2.28 stronger than plastic)

Spinfins are not about surfing normally. They're about expanding your mind to new possibilities and exploring new lines on the face of the wave. The fins are two and a half inches high and for the surface area available, owing to the curvature, provide an amazing amount of bite. But the beauty of these things is to release them and spin, drift, and skate, utilizing a much closer relationship with the energy of the wave. Best in nothing surf to about head high on a tail with a little bit of width. Have fun! Evolve! Let's bring something new to the world of surfing.

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