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Tabla De Surf Torq Tec Go Kart 5'8''

Tabla De Surf Torq Tec Go Kart 5'8''

599,00 €
Impuestos incluidos

La gama de Torq Go Kart esta diseñada para velocidad, aceleración y rapidez de giros. Testada en condiciones ventosas y con olas grandes, una tabla dispuesta a volar, entubarse o a las maniobras más radicales. Pensada para disfrutar de una tabla corta sin las limitaciones de volumen.

5'8'' x 19' 1/2 x 2'' 3/8 y 29,6 litros. Quillas no incluidas.

  • Blue/White
Largo Tabla
  • 5'8''
Sistema Quillas
  • Future
Quillas Setup

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“Does everything and more.”

Like it’s name sake the Go-Kart is super fast, agile and designed for fast acceleration and cornering.

Our team riders tested this in all conditions from windy and waist high to overhead and hollow. It’s a board that does everything and more - airs, turns, barrels and still with a bit of float to skate on the weaker days.

If you’re looking for a board that surfs like a shortboard but without the limitations of a normal shortboard, this is for you.

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