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Tabla Surf Pukas Baby Swallow by Axel Lorentz 6'3

Tabla Surf Pukas Baby Swallow by Axel Lorentz 6'3

745,00 €
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Tabla de surf Pukas Baby Swallow en 6'3x18.87''x2.31'' y 29.82L; una tabla Hig performance para olas largas, grandes y profundas, Ideal para tubazos en el surf trip.

Largo Tabla
  • 6'3''
Volumen en litros aprox.
  • 30

Pukas Baby Swallow by Axel Lorentz BARREL & GOOD WAVES| Seeking for the barrel? Look no further.

Kepa Acero was in the hunt of a board that would work well in hollower bigger waves. French designer and Pukas shaper Axel Lorentz understood the concept. They both put time in the shaping room and when the board was finished, Kepa took it to Indonesia. It only took a classic swell with perfect indonesian waves to know they had nailed it.

“Lots of people ask me about what boards I recommend for good-wave surf trips. If you are seeking the barrel this is my go-to design” says Kepa “oh! And I can turn it they way I want!” he added excitedly. Now, with kilometres of tubes riden it has accomplished trust by friends and peers. The staff at Pukas recommends the shape to avid surfers.

The name of the board Baby Swallow was put after the tight swallow tail design. Now, you can order it with a round pin option. Baby Swallow Round? Yes, Baby Swallow round. After years of barrels and a fascination for its conquests and impossible barrels we all understood that it’s too late to change the name.

This under-the-radar round pin tail is almost a model of its own and is constantly ordered by the best European barrel hunters.

6'3x18.87''x2.31'' 29.82L

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