Vissla Chiba 302


Traje de neopreno Vissla Chiba por Bewet. Hecho a mano con el innovador material S60 que lo hace aun más ligero y suave. 

Completamente ecológico, libre de petroleo, desde su diseño hasta su fabricación en los talleres japoneses Bewet, donde intentan ahorrar energía a través de el uso de paneles solares y su sobrante se devuelve a la red de Tomakomai.

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422.50 €


650.00 €


Vissla's x Bewet 'Chiba' 3/2 Full Suit Surfing Wetsuit features:
- Superior Hand-Made Japanese Wetsuit Line
- S60 Construction 
- 53 - 61° F / 11 - 16° C

'The Japanese Wetsuit' from Vissla on Vimeo.

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Vissla is proud to collaborate with premium Japanese wetsuit maker BEWET.


For starters, all of the wetsuits are hand made in Japan. Our polychloroprene is made of limestone. Polychloroprene (Neoprene) is normally made of petroleum through a chemical process. BEWET does not use petroleum. The limestone is sourced in the Kurochime Mountains area in Niigata, Japan. They were originally plankton piled up over 300 million years ago in the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the highest degrees in purity. The limestone is heated with cokes (fuel with few impurities) to make a carbide bond. Then the carbide is processed with acetylene gas and hydrochloric acid to make polychloropene. To heat the materials, our factory uses only hydroelectric power that comes from 15 power stations located in the Hida Mountains. This makes it self-sustainable and eco friendly. Corn oil is used as softener instead of petroleum additives.

The remnants from BEWET's factory as well as used wetsuits are collect from customers are carried to a thermal power station in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido to generate electricity. BEWET's Factory is also powered by a solar power system. More than 60% of the electricity is powered by solar panels on the rooftop of the factory (100% on a sunny day!).


  • 100% Super Stretch neoprene. Lighter, warmer, softer, stretchier, easier to put on and take off, and allows for more freedom of movement.


  • Warmer and softer components filled with oxygen enable the use of less material and an overall warmer core temperature. This means you can wear a 3/2 instead of a typical 4/3.


  • Anatomically correct engineered body lines allow for unrestricted performance and warmth.


  • Chest zip entry - minimal bulk with contoured watertight design.
  • Triple hand glued, double blind stiched seams.
  • Knee Pad is anatomically correct, flexible, and strong.

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