Invento leash Dakine Kainui Plus 8'

Invento leash Dakine Kainui Plus 8'

49,95 €
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El leash de Dakine ahora es Plus, mejorado, cable con estrías para que no se haga líos, más resistente, cómodo y duradero.

  • Utility Green
  • Tropic Dream
  • Stone
Largo Invento
  • 8 '
Grosor leash
  • standard 1_4

When the swell is pumping a couple feet overhead, you need a serious surf leash that will keep you tethered to your board in powerful waves. Dakine was founded with the goal of meeting this challenge, and it builds on this legacy with the six-foot Kainui Plus. Designed to strike a balance between speed and durability, it features the highest-quality ¼-inch (6.5-millimeter) urethane Dura-Cord with speed pockets and molded ends to minimize drag in the water. The molded ankle cuff padding with a new hydrophobic exterior ensures a snug-but-comfortable fit and distraction-free security in the most critical sections of the wave.

    • Up to a couple feet overhead intended use
    • 1/4" (6.5MM) Dura-Cord with Speed Pockets for maximum strength and reduced drag
    • 1.5" (40MM) Streamlined molded neoprene ankle cuff
    • Posi-Lock hook & loop closure
    • Hydrophobic webbing material in Ankle cuff and railsaver
    • Opti-Flex leash ends for maximum durability
    • 100% marine grade stainless steel swivels
    • 1" (25MM) detachable railsaver

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