Tabla De Surf Superbrand Slug 5'6''


Superbrand Slug. 5'6'' pies y 30 litros. Fácil de remar, ideal para olas con poca fuerza sin perder velocidad.

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629.00 €


It’s back and better than ever. Originally released in 2009 and designed with a great amount of input and feedback from Dion Agius, the Slug was the first of our innovative, alternative shapes. We’ve gone back to the original design as a base with this one and added back in all our favorite elements like increased rocker from the 2012 version. We’ve also updated the nose to a squash nose to increase the planning ability in that area. The Slug//R gives you speed and agility when you need it most.

OutlineInnovative Outline, cut off nose
RockerLow continuous rocker
BottomSingle to double concave to V off the tail
Railsthick rails
Fins5 plug setup
Size AdviceRide 6-8” shorter and the same volume as your favorite board

2016 SUPERbrand Surfboards: Slug // R from Superbrand on Vimeo.

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