Quilla Longboard Captain Fin Muckluck x Tanner Prairie 8.5


Primera quilla de la serie Captain Fin Limited Artis Collection. Es una colaboración entre dos grandes talentos Thomas Campbell y Tanner Prairie. Fabricada con fiberglass.

Altura: 8.5'' - Base: 8'' - Flex Medium.
Incluye tornillo y funda de viaje.
Disponible en talla única.

Más detalles

104.00 €


We recently launched the first in a series of artist collaboration fins.  This one comes from Thomas Campbell and Tanner Prairie.  The template comes from Tanner which is an 8.5" pivot fin intended for his Dash model and also works well in mid-lengths.  This fin trims really well and turns just as good.  With a great template goes great artwork by Mr. Thomas Campbell.  Thomas added his trademark patchwork print to the fin to make it really come alive.

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